Happy Canada Day 2022

I am reminded of a Canada Day 40 years ago when I returned to working as a stagehand/stage manager for the first time in over two years. A nasty car accident had knocked me out of the workforce and I was preparing to re-enter doing what I so enjoyed. I[…]

Rick Soulodre RIP

I have some sad new to share, my older brother Rick passed away July 20, 2021. He was 67 years old. Rick along with his wife of over 40 years, Barb and their son Chris lived in Calgary.  For the past 19 years he ran his own business handing over[…]

Salut l’ami. Farewell my friend.

How do you describe a life or a lifelong friendship in a couple of paragraphs? You can’t really… 56 years ago in Grade 1, I met good people whom I know well and hold dear to this day. One left us a short while ago, leaving a huge hole in[…]