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Another Man Gone Down

Another Man Gone Down

When I was literally trying to get back on my feet in 1981 after being in a hospital bed most of the previous 14 months, I met someone who shared, unhesitatingly, with me his knowledge of and passion for literature and music. He was also supportive of my first steps toward becoming a working musician and songwriter. In fact, he introduced me to two fellows, Bill and Gord, with whom I formed a lifelong friendship and a collaboration called The Ministers of Soul.

Here’s to Gilles Dumaine, he had eclectic tastes. He preferred being by himself, reading and listening to his favourites.

He introduced me to Léo Ferré, then Eric Dolphy, and just to keep me on my toes, novelist John Gardner and the film The Ruling Class. This man opened the door for me to the endless wonder and possibilities that can be found in life.

Rest easy Gilles, and thank you.







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